Why Foot Pain Might Develop

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Are you ready to get rid of the pain in your feet so you can become more active during the day? If the pain has become severe to the extent of you not wanting to wear shoes for a long time, getting help from a podiatrist is ideal. You must understand that there are numerous foot conditions that can cause pain, and it is possible that you are suffering from more than one of them. Below, you will find out what can possibly cause your feet to be in so much pain.

The Joint in Your Large Toe is Dislocated

A dislocated joint in one or both big toes is one of the common causes of foot pain. The condition is referred to as having bunions, and it is typically caused from wearing shoes that are not big enough for your feet. One of the most frustrating things about bunions is that they protrude out, which causes them to rub against your shoes. As the protruding joints rub against the material of your shoes when walking is done, it leads to friction being made. A podiatrist can get rid of the pain by performing surgery if you have a severe case of bunions, but sometimes wearing orthodontic shoes is the only treatment necessary.

There is Inflammation on the Bottom of Your Feet

If a large portion of your feet is in pain, it is likely due to you suffering from plantar fasciitis. If you have to walk a lot, the condition likely developed due to the bottom of your feet becoming inflamed. The area of your feet that covers the space between the heels and toes is called the plantar fascia. Basically, the area consists of soft tissues that need a break from strain every so often to prevent inflammation. Anti-inflammatory drugs can be prescribed by a podiatrist to get rid of inflammation if resting your feet does not do the job.

You Have Abnormal Growths in Your Heels

If you are a frequent runner, your feet might be in pain due to the development of abnormal growths on your heels. The growths are referred to as spurs, and there are several ways in which they can be treated by a podiatrist. You might simply need to take pain medication if the spurs are not too severe. However, it is also possible that the growths will need to be removed surgically.

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