Minimal Limb Use After Stroke Paralysis: How Hiring A Home Care Nurse Is Beneficial

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Did stroke paralysis leave you with minimal use of your limbs? If you are unable to move around to handle daily tasks like bathing or running errands, you may benefit from assistance of a home care nurse. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of having a home care nurse after stroke paralysis and how to get insurance to pay for the service.

How is Hiring a Home Care Nurse After Stroke Paralysis Beneficial?

Having a home care nurse after stroke paralysis is beneficial because minimal use of your limbs can have a big effect on what you are able to accomplish each day. You may find that taking a shower each day is frustrating, especially if the stroke had an effect on your arms or hands. A nurse will be able to help you bathe and put on an outfit when you are done.

You will also find a home care nurse beneficial for services that include:

  • Dropping off bill payments
  • Cooking light healthy meals
  • Massaging or exercising your limbs
  • Picking up trash around your home
  • Transporting you to and from medical appointments

The greatest benefit of hiring a home care nurse after stroke paralysis is getting your blood pressure monitored on a regular basis. High blood pressure is often the reason people suffer from strokes, so it is important to keep it under control to prevent another one from happening. Quick medical attention when your blood pressure is high can prevent your symptoms from getting worse, or even death.

How Can Insurance be Obtained to Pay for Home Care Nurse Services?

You can get insurance through the government if you don't make a lot of money so it will cover the cost of hiring a nurse. Visit a social services office to apply for Medicaid, and take a friend or family member along if you struggle with writing because of the stroke.

When you turn in the application for benefits, make sure that you include your medical records proving the condition of your health and proof of income to get the approval process started in a timely manner.

After you receive Medicaid, you can hire a home care nurse as soon as possible. You deserve to live comfortably as you are attempting to regain full use of your limbs. Having a home care nurse will also give you help without having to call family members all the time. To learn more, try contacting a company like ComForcare - Chicago with your questions and concerns.