Posture: The Best Way To Ease Back Pain

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Do you suffer from back pain? Does it inhibit your everyday routine? Bad posture is a big contributor to back pain. However, there is good news: this can be fixed. By making the effort to correct your posture when you're sitting and standing, you can ease the pain in your back. This article will give you some tips on how to improve your posture.


Sitting in a stationary position for extended periods of time can cause additional stress to your back. Having good sitting posture will put less strain on your back and help ease the pain.

If you can, invest in an ergonomically designed chair. These chairs provide lumbar support, which means they maintain the natural curve of your spine.

If you do not have an ergonomic chair, you can obtain a lumbar support pillow and put it behind your back. You can also sit forward in your chair. This will help you maintain your spine's normal curvature.

When sitting, the height of your chair should enable you to rest your forearms on the desk at a 90 degree angle. Your wrists cannot be higher than the elbows.

Your computer screen should rest slightly below eye level. This allows you to keep your head at a healthy angle.

Make sure your feet are kept flat on the floor. Relax your shoulders. Make sure you're not hunching them up.


Keeping good posture while standing will also greatly improve your back issues. When standing, keep your feet shoulder width apart.

Knees should be aligned with your feet and your hips. Bend your knees slightly. If you lock your knees, blood flow will be restricted and you can pass out.

Make sure your feet are not completely parallel to one another. Let your feet point outward slightly. Attempting to keep your feet perfectly parallel will put more strain on your ankles and knees.

Balance your torso forward slightly. You want to place more weight on your toes than your heels. This makes it easier for you to maintain good balance, because when you walk, your lower legs and feet absorb most of the impact. If you bear weight improperly on your feet, it can affect the alignment of your hips and knees, which contributes to back pain.

Pull your shoulders back and push your chest out and expand it. This makes it easier for your lungs to function.

As for your arms, they should be held at your side. Don't let them hang. They should be held in a controlled manner. Refrain from putting your hands on your waist.  This raises your shoulders, which isn't good for you. Instead, put your hands in your pockets or fold them behind your back.

Exercising good ergonomic habits will reduce your back pain. Consult with a professional, like those at Action Chiropractic, who can help you improve your posture.