Natural Breast Enhancement Debunked: The Voodoo That Won't Work

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Women do all kinds of interesting things in the hopes of increasing their bust line naturally, but do any of them really work? Should you be spending your time and money on the odd methods promised to bring you from an A to a C cup in just a few short weeks or months? Probably not. Here are some of those products you might be considering, and how they'll likely not work for you.


You can find CD collections that promise to teach you breast enlargement through hypnotic means on a number of shopping websites. The main claim is a mind-over-matter approach to success, suggesting that your thoughts have the power to change your physical characteristics. While hypnosis does have a place in modern psychology and even medicine, there is no evidence to substantiate the advertised effects of hypnosis for breast enlargement. Of course, if hypnosis were so powerful, you could give yourself a nose job while your inner being contemplated that 38D.

Chewing Gums

If you've been searching for breast enlargement solutions long enough, you've probably come across a chewing gum containing Pueraria Mirifica, a phytoestrogen from plants in Asia used as a hormone supplement. Although modern medicine does cite potential benefits of these substances for post-menopausal women, the effects may only be seen when it's taken indefinitely, and even then it's not believed to actually enlarge a woman's breasts.

Pumps And Suction

The breast enlargement pump looks something like a torture device, and it might just qualify as one considering you need to use it for about six months before seeing "results". The pumps involve domes and tubes and up to an hour of suction per day. There are also alternative battery operated models, boasting enlargement with very little effort from the user. However, they must be worn for hours at a time, which can result in soreness, rash and even tissue damage, without ever permanently increasing the circumference of your chest.

Herbs And Potions

Since the Food and Drug Administration considers herbs to be more food than medicine, these products aren't highly regulated and marketers the world over capitalize on this fact. There are countless herbs claiming to naturally expand breast tissue, thereby giving you better curves. Most are scoffed at by doctors who even warn against side-effects or combining them with other pharmaceuticals, particularly blood thinners. Creams and pills don't cut it, but quite similar to anti-aging products, people are eternally in search of solutions and will try just about anything. Hopefully, you haven't resorted to popping pills that promise a better bust.

So how should you go about increasing your breast size, if it's what you really want? By talking to doctors from Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery first, who can then recommend a qualified plastic surgeon. Although augmentation isn't typically covered by medical insurance and it's not cheap by most standards, it really is the best way to attain that sexier, fuller look you're after. If you were already trying exotic herbs, chewing gums and paying top dollar for enlargement creams, you're most likely a great candidate for the real thing: actual surgical enhancement.