Is Sitting At A Desk All Day Wreaking Havoc On Your Back?

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Do you sit at a desk for several hours a day? Have you found that you have upper or lower back problems? Is your neck tight at the end of the day? If so, then you understand the physical problems that can arise from sitting in one position for several hours.

There are things you can do to help relieve the stress. Some of these are things you can do at home, by yourself. Others are concepts that you can incorporate into your daily routine while you're at your desk. Finally, there are some methods that involve seeking outside assistance.

Change The Way You Sit

This might seem like a minor adjustment, but it is one that can dramatically improve your back pain. If you sit low in your chair and slouch, then you are putting stress on your back. Specifically, you are stressing the muscles that help stabilize you and keep you upright. Improper posture can lead to lower back pain.

You want to sit up straight. If your chair is not comfortable, then you might want to get a different chair. You can test out several chairs and see which one allows you to sit up straight and not stress your muscles.

Get Up And Move Around

If you are sitting in one position all day, then you are putting stress on your muscles. This applies even if you don't slouch. You are not a statute. You should not hold one position for hours at a time.

The solution is to get up and move around the office. Take a walk to get a drink of water or coffee. Get some fresh air. The movement will be beneficial.

Stretch Yourself Out

At the end of the day you should stretch. Your back muscles have been in one position all day, and that can cause them to tighten up. The solution is to do some stretching. This helps keep the muscles limber.

There are many stretches for your back.  A very popular one is to stand and hold your hands above your head. Then tilt sideways in one direction and hold the pose for a few moments. Then repeat in the other direction.

Here are some other excellent stretches courtesy of the Mayo Clinic.

Get An Adjustment

Finally, if your back is really becoming a pain, you should consult a professional. A chiropractic adjustment focuses not on the muscles, but on the spine.

Often times, people who have severe back problems have issues that go beyond muscle tissue. They often need to have their vertebrate realigned. This is a quick procedure that you can have done in office.

If you find that you have neck or back pain throughout the day, it might be beneficial to see a chiropractor and have them examine your neck and spine. Poor posture can, over the course of time, cause vertebra to become misaligned. This misalignment causes pain. The solution is to have the vertebra put back into alignment by a trained chiropractor at a clinic like First Chiropractic.