4 Unexpected Benefits Of Hospice Care

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The idea of going to hospice care can be rather unsettling. Hospice is generally considered as end-of-life care, and it's typically reserved for individuals who are terminally ill and who have six months or less to live.

Although you might already know that this type of care involves round-the-clock medical care and necessary medical supplies, you should know that there is more to hospice than that. These are a few unexpected benefits of hospice care, whether you opt for in-home care or care at a hospice facility.

1. Spiritual Support

Many hospice care centers and in-home hospice care services offer spiritual support for both the sick individual and his or her loved ones. This can include meetings with a preacher or priest, Bible readings, spiritual counseling and any other support that the individual and family might need.

2. Errand Running

Individuals who are coming up to the end of their lives shouldn't have to worry about making sure that their bills are paid or that their pets are being properly cared for, and all of these responsibilities can be something of a burden for emotional family members. With hospice care, there are generally people on staff who are willing to handle these types of errands for the patient.

3. Help with Funeral Planning

Many people have their funeral plans in their wills, but for those who haven't completed their wills yet -- such as those who got sick very rapidly or who have not had the time or energy to think about it -- hospice care can be very helpful. Since these facilities are accustomed to helping people in these situations, they typically have all of the right people on staff to help with this type of planning.

4. Counseling for the Family

Watching a loved one go downhill and approach the end of his or her life can be traumatic for many people. Luckily, hospice care facilities and services typically have counselors on staff who can help. These staff members talk with family members and help counsel them and prepare them for their loved ones' death. They also generally offer counseling services for loved ones after the patient's death to help them through this difficult time.

Although many people understand that hospice care facilities and services offer medical assistance, these services offer so much more than that for sick individuals and their family members. Even though there is never anything easy about the need for hospice care, these services can help make things a little better for patients and their loved ones. Contact a hospice care service, like Carolina East, for more information.