Government Agencies That Will Pay Expenses For Stair Lifts

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Stair lifts are great assets for the elderly and other disabled persons to use. However, the lifts are expensive especially if you want all the bells and whistles associated with the equipment. Not many elderly people can afford to purchase a stair lift that could cost as much as $2000.

That's quite a chunk out of your social security pension when that is your only source of income:

Does Medicare Pay For Stair Lifts?

Medicare does not pay for stair lifts, but notes that there is one exception to that rule. The website says Medicare will pay a small cost if the lift is designed with an elevating seat. Medicare rules point out that the elevated seat helps the elderly to safely sit down and then get up once the ride is completed.

The problem with that exception is that elevated seats are found only on expensive stair lifts that you may not be able to afford anyway. The seat feature would therefore make the already expensive lift even more costly and way more than the average social security retiree can afford.

Medicaid Pays For Stair Lift Costs

If you are eligible for Medicaid, then you are more likely to have the costs of the chair picked up by this type of government insurance coverage. Medicaid will cover expenses for necessary stair lifts if the equipment will enable you to continue living in your home. Be sure to check with the program guides for Medicaid in the state which you live in to make sure costs for a stair lift are covered.

The idea behind this Medicaid rule is that the lift, when installed in your home, prevents you from having to seek nursing home placement. Medicaid considers stair lifts as a home modification, which enables you to get approval for this medical equipment.

Veterans Aid For Stair Lifts

The Veteran's Administration covers costs for stair lifts, which the administration calls stair gliders, according to the website. If you are suffering from a disability as a result of your service to the nation, VA health care will fully cover the costs of a lift for you. A professional will be sent to your home to conduct a skills evaluation before approval is given for the lift. The senior care website advises that you can also use special grants such as HISA grants that will pay all expenses for your lift even if your disability is not related to your military service.

Making Sure You Safely Negotiate Stair Climbing

Stair lifts are designed with one goal in mind to help you safely negotiate stairs without falling. So use any of the above-mentioned insurance coverages to help you obtain your stair climbing equipment.

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