Help Your Child With Hearing Loss Be Their Own Advocate

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Having hearing loss can be a frustrating experience for a child. They may often feel like they are missing out on what is happening around them. One of the most empowering things you can do for your child who has hearing loss is teach them how to be their own advocate. There are going to be situations every day where you are not going to be around to help your child communicate with those around them, which is why you need to teach your child how to be their own advocate. Here are three ways you can help your child with hearing loss connect with other children.

1. Help Your Child Figure Out What Kind Of Help They Need

One way to teach your child how to be their own advocate is by practicing this skill at home. Sit down with your child and ask them what helps them hear and understand other people better. If your child struggles to come up with ways that help them communicate better with others, ask guiding questions such as:

  • Does it help if someone is looking at you when they talk to you?
  • Does it help if you look at the speaker?
  • Does it help if the other person talks slower?
  • Does it help if the other person speaks louder?

2. Help Your Child Figure Out How To Communicate Their Needs To Others

Once you have a list of things that helps your child communicate more easily with others, have your child practice explaining to you how to help them. Have them also practice asking you to do specific things, such as:

  • "Please look at me when you speak it me. It helps me hear you better."
  • "Please talk a little slower. I have a hard time understanding when you talk fast."
  • "I need you to talk just a little bit louder when you talk to me."

3. Practice These Skills With Your Child

If your child is younger, have some fun practicing these skills together. Play with some dolls or stuffed animals, and have your child practice as asking these questions. The more they practice these skills at home, the more confident they will be when you are not around.

Encourage your child to let their friends and teachers know what they can do to help them communicate more effectively. Once your child understands what they need to do and what they need others to do to help them communicate more effectively, and once they can express this, they will have an easier time connecting with others. If you're interested in purchasing a hearing aid for your child, visit Waters ENT Sinus & Allergy.