Finding Time To Exercise With A New Baby

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Moms and dads alike find that it is difficult to find time to exercise, let alone shower, after the birth of a new baby. If you have recently had a new bundle of joy added to your family, you may be finding time very sparse between diaper changes and feedings. Since many new parents wish to rid themselves of the baby weight and sympathy weight added after the baby arrives, you may need to get creative in how you incorporate exercise into your routine. Here are a few tips that can help you shed a few pounds while spending much of your time with an infant.

Purchase Exercise Equipment

The easiest way to start exercising with a baby in the house is to stay in your house to do it. Going to a gym is difficult and with the costs involved of taking care of a new baby, for many parents it just isn't in the cards. Purchasing used exercise equipment will give you the advantage of saving much-needed money for caring for your family, while allowing you to have the equipment in your home to use when you see a few free minutes to take advantage of exercise. 

Place a treadmill or elliptical machine in the corner of your bedroom, living room, or another high-frequency area in your house. When the baby naps, take a few minutes to get in some exercise. Even ten minutes here and there can make a difference. Having the equipment readily available will remind you to use it. 

Include The Baby

If the weather is agreeable, put your baby into a stroller or jogger and take a walk or jog with them. While this isn't as intense of a workout as using weights or exercise equipment, you will still be able to get some cardiovascular activity, helping you to shed weight as a result. Make it a priority to take your baby for a walk a few times a week. If outdoor conditions do not look favorable, head to a store or a mall and do some fast walking up and down hallways and aisles.

Take Turns

Make a schedule with your partner to help with the baby so that you can exercise. If you have set days and times where you know the baby is being cared for, you can plan accordingly to take a trip to a gym or get on exercise equipment you may have at home. Cheering each other on as a couple will help you both stay fit and lose weight.

Look For Child Care

Some gyms offer child care for those using their facilities. Call around and find out the policy for bringing your baby into an establishment to be cared for while you work out. Parents who are intent on getting their weight training and exercising done no matter what will find that the services are well-worth any cost associated with child care. Usually for a small fee you will be able to get in a quick work out while your baby is being watched by professional caretakers.