How A Portable Ultrasound Machine Can Save You Money

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If you own your own medical practice, and you routinely need to write prescriptions for your patients to have ultrasounds done, you may want to consider purchasing a portable ultrasound machine to use during patients' routine visits. Having this small piece of machinery can pay for itself in a rather short time frame, and eventually you will boost your profits from the benefit of having one on the premise. Here are some of the ways this feature will help you make money in the long run.

Retain And Increase Patients

Once you use an ultrasound machine in a routine visit to see how an injury or disease is progressing, your patient will be more apt to return to you for another visit in the future. They receive the benefit of being able to take a sneak peek at their internal organs without having to pay for a lengthy session at a radiology site. An impromptu look at what is going on in the inside during a routine visit will give them the peace of mind everything is going well in between full ultrasound visits.

Helps You Make A Prognosis

While patients will still need to get full ultrasounds done, portable checks will give more information to you, making it easier for you to determine the course of action to take at the moment. When waiting for results can hinder giving your patient treatment in a timely manner, taking a look yourself can allow you to decide whether medication, surgery, or physical therapy is needed right away. Quick prognosis will help your patient feel better quicker, leading to positive reviews and more patients in the future when your current patients spread the word of your professionalism and fast action.

Gives A Green Option

For those who enjoy saving on energy costs, using a portable machine will help you reduce the amount of electricity needed to take a quick ultrasound. Rather than send your patient down the hall or to another department, using a portable machine can save on electricity costs within the facility, while keeping heat output at a minimum.

Helps Critical Patients Stay Calm

Rather than have to send a patient who is severely injured or in critical care to another facility or room to have an ultrasound administered, you will be able to take a look on the spot without taking the risk in moving the patient, saving valuable time and keeping them comfortable as a result. This saves on the need to find extra staff to help with moving the patient, saving you money as a result.