Nifty Specs That Can Enhance Telephone Conversations For People Who Rely On Hearing Devices

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Do you use hearing aids and find it difficult to hear phone conversations? Perhaps it is time for you to get new hearing aids, and you are concerned about whether or not there is a better option available that could help you to hear telephone conversations better. The following information will help you to better understand technology enhancements that can make your telephone conversations enjoyable instead of cumbersome. 


Some hearing aids are designed with a telecoil option. This design feature allows them to hear telephone conversations better when they use hearing aid compatible telephones. There might be a learning curve to using this feature since it will require you to position the phone in a certain matter for sounds from the phone to be clear. Telecoils in hearing aids are ideal because they help to filter out background noise.

Wireless Devices

Some people who have trouble hearing on the telephone may also have issues with hearing televisions or radios playing at normal levels. Technology has evolved, and there are wireless devices that can enhance hearing capabilities when watching television, talking on the phone, or listening to the radio. One perk you will get for opting for wireless devices is that there is likely not going to be a learning curve because unlike the telecoil option, the phone will not need to be situated in a particular position to enhance hearing 


Amplifiers can be utilized on corded and cordless phones. If you are shopping for a cordless phone with an amplifier, the packaging or product the description of the product should indicate that it already has an amplifier installed. However, amplifiers for corded phones are a standalone purchase that you would need to locate or speak with a hearing professional about.

Noise Reduction

Perhaps you are contributing to your own telephone hearing issue due to having too much noise around you when you are on the phone. For example, excessive talking, televisions playing in the background, or a noisy environment can all make it more difficult to hear on the phone. You could minimize these types of distractions by having a specific room that you use when talking on the phone. Ensure it does not have too many distractions if possible. 

A hearing devices provider or audiologist are the best resources to use to determine what measures you can take to enhance the quality of your telephone conversations. They can recommend specific hearing aids and provide hearing aid fittings to ensure that the hearing aids you rely on are ideal and comfortable.

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