How You Can Incorporate Holistic And Spiritual Options Into Your Depression Treatment

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When you find yourself suffering from depression, you may think that you are limited to medical and psychiatric treatment options to help you overcome your depression. While these types of treatments are very helpful in treating clinical depression, they may not be all that you want or need to get yourself back on track. There are many different alternative treatment options that can make your depression care and recovery more holistic and spiritual in nature. All you nee to get to know some of these treatments so that you can incorporate them into your depression recovery as soon as possible. 

Spiritual Counseling or Shamanistic Healing

Spirituality is a major part of many people's lives. And because their religion or spiritual practices are so important to them, it should be incorporated into depression and other mental health treatments. There are many ways that you can bring your spirituality into depression treatments.

One of the options is to seek out counseling and spiritual guidance from a religious or spiritual leader such as a priest, reverend, shaman, guru, or other leader. Speaking to your spiritual leader on a regular basis about how you are feeling and the dilemmas you are facing, can help you to get your feelings out and get spiritual advice regarding prayer and meditation options.

If you have a more shamanistic belief system, you could even go in for a healing session using meditative techniques, healing herbs, and other remedies to help re-center your spirit and help you overcome your depression. While spiritual healing and treatments may not be the only treatment you need, they can be quite helpful as supplemental and holistic treatment options.

Music and Drama Therapy

Music therapy and drama therapy are also treatment options that can help with depression, particularly in addressing the underlying causes of this condition. Drama and music are means of creative expression that allow a person to express their emotions in a safer way than dealing with or talking about them directly.

Through creating music or even listening to certain types of music or participating in acting activities and exercises, a person can tap into a feeling, experience, or other issue that they may not have otherwise realized they were dealing with. For example, in writing your own song lyrics, you may come to find that you have feelings of inadequacy from relationships with family members or from past partners.

Music and drama are also excellent coping strategies that you can use after you have overcome your depression or gotten it under control to continue to maintain balance in your mental health. Rather than let your negative emotions spiral out of control, you can instead channel them into one of these activities so that your negative emotions become something useful and productive.

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can incorporate holistic and spiritual treatment options into your depression care and recovery, you can be sure that you are doing everything you can to recover as quickly and as well as possible.