Walk-In Tubs—How Does The Door Prevent Leaks?

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If you have an elderly loved one who is unstable on their feet or who cannot bathe without assistance, then you should think about installing a walk-in tub or bathtub with a door in your home. If you purchase one of these tubs, then you may concerned about the function of the door and how it may or may not keep leaks at bay. If this is a concern of yours, then keep reading to learn about some facts about the tubs and how leaks are prevented.

The Door Locks

Walk-in tubs almost always come with doors. While the doors may differ from model to model, a typical one will be u-shaped and open inward toward the tub. When the tub door is closed, a handle must be turned to lock the door in place. There are several different handles that can be chosen, including roman, bowling ball, and quick-twist devices. These handles are usually easy to activate, since many walk-in tubs are made for senior-citizen use. However, the handle will not hold all of the weight of the body. To keep your elderly parent from placing too much pressure on the handle, make sure a separate weight-bearing grip is included inside the tub and that the locking handle is easy to reach.

When the door handle is locked, the water faucet can then be turned on. This cannot happen until the door is fully locked. This is one way that the tub is built to reduce leak issues. Also, the door will not open after the bath until the drain cover is opened and the water is fully released from the tub. Thankfully, most walk-in tubs have drains that empty quickly so your loved one will not need to wait in the tub for too long. 

The Door Is Sealed

Even though the tub door closes, locks, and will not open until the bath is drained, you may worry about water leaking out around the door. While water may leak a small amount as the tub ages, the door will have a gasket around the door. The gasket is similar to the one that sits around the door of your refrigerator. Specifically, when the gasket is compressed, it creates an airtight and waterproof seal. 

The gasket will sit between the tub door and the frame of the bathtub, and you should feel the gasket compressing as the door closes. You should inspect this gasket often for tears or rips and replace the piece if any damage is noted. This will help to prevent serious leak issues from developing. 

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