Want To Make Your Own Medical Marijuana Edibles? Here Is How

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Where medical marijuana has been made legal, you can also purchase "edibles." These are treats of sorts made with medical marijuana or cannabis oil (a.k.a., hash oil). It is difficult to get the taste of these edibles just right, which is why many people buy the edibles rather than make them themselves. However, if you you would like to try making your own edibles, and you live where this is legal, here is how.

Visit a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Take your prescription medical marijuana card with you to a dispensary. You will not be able to purchase what you need without your card! Inform the dispensary's associates that you intend to make your own edibles. They often have some websites you can check out for recipes. It will be a trial and error process when you are making candy bars, tea, and brownies, but eventually you will find a recipe you like.

Then ask to purchase the right ingredients. Usually, if you are going to make baked goods, the more chocolate something is, the better it will taste. Hash oil tends to have a very strong spice flavor, similar to fresh thyme and oregano mixed together, and that is hard to hide baked goods that do not have strong flavors themselves. Chocolate bars are another item where dark chocolate melted works better than milk chocolate as the milk in the milk chocolate does not harmonize well with the oil.

Take Your Ingredients Home and Experiment

Buy some herbal tea in the flavor you enjoy. Buy chocolate chips for candy bars, and extra-fudgy brownie mixes. Some of the ingredients that you would typically use to make these items are going to be replaced with the oil or the ground marijuana. Make sure you look up recipes for marijuana edibles so that you get the correct amounts mixed into your tea bags, candy bars and brownies. Otherwise, the oil and crushed leaves will be all you taste when you consume your treats.

Find the Perfect Recipes and Stick with Them

Once you find the perfect recipes, stick with them. You can change up the dried marijuana with different types and hybrids, but the hash oil is always the same. Be sure to portion out your edibles in small quantities so that you only get a single medical dose of oil or marijuana in each one of your little bites or in a cup of tea.