Lifestyle Tips For Adjusting After Breast Implant Surgery

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Even though getting breast implants can be a cosmetic change for the better, you will still need to be prepared for how your life might change after the fact. Many women have an adjustment period after the healing process and knowing what to expect and how to handle it is important, especially because any immediate change in your body shape may seem strange at first.

Here are some simple lifestyle tips to help you get used to your new shape and size. 

1. Buy a more supportive sports bra.

If you were active before you had breast surgery, you will need to wait until you are fully recovered before you do any form of exercise. However, you can definitely exercise comfortably with your new shape after you have healed. 

However, after years of running, jumping, and swimming with smaller breasts, exercising with larger ones may seem strange or even unnatural at first. You should take some time to get fitted for a good sports bra. Some bras for larger chests have underwires for exercise, and these can help to prevent bouncing and shoulder pain during cardio activities. Ease into activities so that you can get a feel for how your body moves now. After a few months of effort, your new shape will feel just as natural as before. 

2. Budget to adjust your wardrobe.

Many women don't realize that they may need to change their wardrobe after breast surgery. Some shirts may not fit the same. Some women may need to by a larger size for button-up blouses, or they may need to pay to have blazers and jackets tailored to provide the right fit. When budgeting for your surgery, you will also want to budget for new tops and dresses. And, of course, you will also need to get a new fitting for a bra after the swelling has gone down from your surgery.

3. Be willing to try new sleeping positions. 

Are you a stomach or side sleeper? You might not have thought about how your breasts affect your sleeping position, but just be aware that some women may find their old way of sleeping uncomfortable after getting breast implants. Consider getting a new pillow to help support a different sleeping position if you are having trouble getting comfortable enough to rest. 

Adjusting to any change in your body can be a bit of a learning curve, but with some practice, you'll feel confident with your new shape. For more information and assistance, check out a website like