Some Times To See A Doctor

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You want to go to the doctor for your annual exams and you also want to go in when you are due for vaccinations, but there are also a lot of other things that you should be seen by the doctor for. Here are some examples of other times when you will want to get in to see your doctor: 

You have a fever that's high and isn't letting up

If you have a high fever, then you can try to bring it down at home by alternating fever reducers and by taking lukewarm baths. However, if your fever is over 103 degrees Fahrenheit or if you have had the fever for longer than three days, then you should get in to see your doctor. 

You find yourself experiencing breathing issues

If you don't have any known breathing issues, such as asthma and you begin to notice that you have been experiencing shortness of breath, you are starting to notice that you have a wheeze, or you are having other types of breathing issues all of a sudden then you should make an appointment to go in to see your doctor. 

Your throat feels like it is on fire

There is a difference between a sore throat and a throat that feels like it is on fire. When your throat feels like fire, it usually indicates that you have strep throat. You want to go to the doctor for this and they will take a culture of your throat to diagnose you. If you have strep, then you will need to be treated with antibiotics. 

One or both eyes are pink

If you notice that one or both of your eyes are pink, then you need to get in to see the doctor right away. You may have conjunctivitis and this is an infection in the eye that will need to be treated with medication and it is highly contagious. In some cases, pink eye may go away on its own, but it can also be serious and require treatment. Since you don't know which is affecting you, it is important for a doctor to take a look and treat you. 

You have a serious cough or one that is lingering

If you have a bad cough or you have a cough that doesn't seem to be going away on its own, then you want to go to the doctor. There is a wide range of things that could be going on including something as simple as a stubborn cough to things that are more serious, such as pneumonia to name one.

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