How Orthopedic Surgeons Help Athletes After A Patella Tendon Tear

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Athletes need strong legs with stable joints and strong tendons and ligaments to stay competitive. Unfortunately, some may tear certain tendons in their knees as they compete, such as the patellar tendon. When this part of the knee is injured, it may require the help of a high-quality orthopedic surgeon to ensure that it remains as stable and capable as possible for years to come.

Patellar Tendon Tears May Impact Many Individuals

The patellar tendon is a critically important part of the kneecap that helps to keep it stable and secure when an athlete competes in various types of sports. Unfortunately, this tendon is prone to various types of tears and injuries due to its unique importance and its frequent use. For example, an athlete who comes down hard with a ball may find their knee reacting poorly and feel their patellar tendon tear.

When this tendon tears, the athlete is going to immediately lose all balance and strength and experience a large amount of pain. They will fall to the ground and will be unable to walk without help. Unfortunately, this tear is often a real issue and is something that may remain persistent without the help of various types of therapy, including the use of high-quality orthopedic surgical procedures.

How Orthopedic Surgeons May Help

Orthopedic surgeons are professionals who can handle a myriad of different treatment options for those experiencing severe orthopedic health issues. For example, these professionals can examine the source of a person's knee injury, trace its severity back to a specific point, and find a care option that ensures they can recover. Usually, a surgery focuses on repairing damage by fusing tendons back together.

After the surgery is over, an athlete will be placed in a cast and asked to avoid practicing while they recover. Typically, recovering from this type of surgery will take some time to properly execute, requiring the use of a handful of physical therapists and a myriad of different care options to keep the knee stable and secure and avoid the dangers of worsening an athlete's knee injury even further.

Thankfully, many types of surgeons can handle this unique process to ensure a high-quality level of recovery from this surgery. Many can even work with physical therapists after the surgery is over to help an athlete transition to more athletic and competitive events again, ensuring the minimum risk of severe injury as well.