Need Same-Day Medical Service? Ask These Questions First

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Do you need same-day medical service, or can you wait for a regular doctor's office appointment? If you're not sure which healthcare option is the right choice, take a look at the questions to ask right now.

Do You Have Uncomfortable or Concerning Symptoms?

Why do you need to see a doctor or medical provider? A same-day option is preferable if you have sudden new symptoms, persistent symptoms, or symptoms that concern you. While your annual wellness checkup can wait a few days or weeks, an appointment for a potential problem can't. Instead of suffering through a sore throat or wondering whether your cough is something serious, get help now with same-day medical service. This medical option allows you to get an immediate exam, diagnosis, and treatment.

Do You Need a Test?

A doctor's evaluation is the first step towards treatment. But it's not the only diagnostic tool. Whether you have an injury or an illness, you may need more than just this type of exam. An X-ray, MRI, CT, nasal swab, throat culture, or blood test can help the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis—and you may not want to wait for these types of tests. A doctor can write a prescription for or order a test immediately during a same-day appointment. 

Do You Need a Prescription?

More specifically, do you need a prescription right now? Common infections, such as strep throat and bronchitis, aren't medical emergencies. But these types of illnesses typically won't get better without an antibiotic. 

If you suspect you have an illness that requires an antibiotic (or another prescription), don't wait to see a doctor. A same-day medical office visit is an easy way to get the treatment you need as soon as possible. This means you'll feel better sooner and reduce the risk of spreading the infection to those around you.

Do You Only Have a Specialist Provider?

You go to an OB-GYN for your reproductive care needs, see a gastroenterologist for your sensitive stomach, and visit the dermatologist for regular skin checks. If you see several specialist providers, but don't have a primary care physician (PCP), you may need same-day service from an urgent care clinic or similar healthcare center. An urgent care clinic or community medical provider can provide general services for new or sudden illnesses and minor injuries — minus the days or weeks you'd have to wait to see your specialist.