Tips for Curbside Pickup at the Dispensary

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These days, some dispensaries are offering curbside pickup to their customers. Some are even encouraging customers to shop in this way rather than coming into the store. At first, you might be a little turned off at the idea of picking up a pre-prepared dispensary order instead of first browsing the selections. But this method does have its advantages. It's faster, and you don't have to worry as much about being exposed to various germs. Here are a few tips you can implement when ordering curbside pickup from a dispensary.

1. If you have questions about a product, call and ask.

When you're browsing the dispensary's products online, you'll probably come across some that you don't quite understand or would like to know more about. Don't hesitate to call the dispensary and ask to speak to a budtender about these products! Budtenders are there to help you, even if not in person. They can tell you more about the product, let you know if they think it's something you should try, and even point you towards alternative products if they feel it's warranted.

2. See if samples are available.

Since you aren't going into the store, you won't have the opportunity to have budtenders toss a few extra samples in your bag when they have them on hand. However, many dispensaries do still offer samples for customers who place online orders. There may be a box you can check at checkout indicating that you'd like some available samples. Or, the website might have a banner indicating that anyone who spends more than a certain amount gets some samples. Keep an eye out for these things so you can enjoy some free samples with your order and get a better idea of what you like in the cannabis world.

3. Place smaller orders, if needed.

Since ordering curbside pickup from the dispensary takes so much less time, you can afford to order fewer products at a time if needed. It's easier to just swing by the dispensary for a pre-packed bag once a week than it is to go inside, look around, fill a basket, and wait in line. If you make more frequent visits for smaller pickup orders, you'll always have fresher products, too!

Curbside pickup may not be your preferred way to shop at a dispensary, but there are ways to make this option work for you. Simply follow the tips above!