Why You Should Consider Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Problems

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Stem cell therapy is a newer treatment that can be used to help address knee issues, such as injuries or degenerative processes. The use of stem cells may help you reduce or stop treatments that have long-term ramifications and allow your knee to be less painful.

Reduce Steroid Injections 

One of the most common treatments for knee issues, such as bursitis and arthritis, is the use of steroid injections. Since injections can dramatically reduce pain and inflammation, it is a better option for people who need continuous pain management with NSAIDs. Steroid injects do not pose the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding like NSAIDs. Although steroid injections are helpful, they have risks associated with them when used long-term. Not only do they become less effective over time, but the more steroid injections you have, the more likely bone necrosis and additional damage can also occur. Stem cell therapy may reduce or eliminate the need for frequent steroid injections.

Delay A Knee Replacement

Although people who are eligible for a knee replacement are those with severe pain and significant limitations, they may be apprehensive about having a knee replacement. The rehabilitation time after a knee replacement is hard and lengthy. Although you will begin walking shortly after the surgery, extensive exercise or standing will inhibit the success of your knee replacement or even make the replacement fail. For many people, the extensive healing and rehabilitation time is not practical, especially with employment or household responsibilities. Stem cell therapy could help you delay a knee replacement because it may help regenerate damaged tissues.

Improve Pain And Mobility

When you have knee problems, day-to-day issues such as pain and decreased mobility can have a drastic impact on your life and to some extent, make problems worse. Pain is a major contributing factor making people less active, although regular exercise can be helpful for some knee conditions. Lack of activity can contribute to weight gain, which makes knee problems worse. Another daily issue for some people is pain that either prevents them from sleeping or wakes them up. The inability to sleep comfortably can significantly affect productivity and quality of life. Since stem cells may reduce inflammation, not only does it reduce current pain but they may improve daily limitations and interference in sleep quality.

There are many issues affecting the knees leading to pain or permanent disability. Stem cell therapy offers you another treatment option that not only can provide acute improvements, but may offer long-term improvements in pain and mobility, delaying the need for major surgery.

Consult with a medical specialist to learn more about knee pain stem cell therapy.