A Very Nice Side Effect Of Laser Hair Removal: Stopping Ingrown Hairs

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Laser hair removal is a fast way of destroying hair roots that prevent unwanted body hair from growing back. One benefit, among many, is that if you have a problem with ingrown hairs, using laser hair removal treatments will eventually get rid of those hairs. Laser hair removal targets the root, not the hair itself, and once the root is gone, you're not going to have that ingrown hair anymore.

Laser Treatments Make Remaining Hairs Grow Straighter

Ingrown hairs can form after being trapped under unexfoliated dead skin cells, but the hair itself is often not growing straight, which makes it more likely to grow closer to the skin instead of growing out and away. When you have laser treatments done to remove hair, those treatments don't always destroy all of the hair follicles exposed to the laser. However, the hairs that continue to grow out now grow a little straighter, which means they're less likely to become ingrown.

When the Root of the Hair Is Gone, So's the Problem Hair

However, if the laser treatment fully destroys the root of the hair that usually becomes ingrown, then the problem is solved permanently. No root means no hair, and that's it. Now, when you get laser treatments done, they're usually done on shaved skin. So there is still partly grown hair under your skin between the shaved surface and the root. You'll see that part emerge from your skin eventually, and you should keep an eye out for one last ingrown hair at that spot. But many times, the hair just pulls out easily, and that's the end of it.

That Means No Irritation, Either

It gets better. If you destroy the root of an ingrown hair so that it doesn't grow back, that means you won't have the resulting irritation, either. Ingrown hairs cause not only those bumps but also red, irritated skin. You can say goodbye to that problem after laser hair removal, too. And if the treatment doesn't fully destroy the root? Again, the remaining hair that grows back should be a little straighter and less likely to become ingrown again.

From eliminating the hair you don't want to stopping ingrown hairs to no longer needing to put your skin through painful treatments, laser hair removal has a ton of benefits. While you may have to go through several treatments to get rid of all the unwanted hair permanently, you should see vast improvement starting after the first treatment. Your skin will feel better and look better. 

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